Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Room By Room Clean Out Guide by Bin There Dump That

Christmas has come and gone and a new year is here! More often than not, at the end of the year, we wind up with more stuff. Now is the ideal time to clear space. Bin There Dump That is here to help you with a room by room clean out.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Some of the most popular gifts given are the least popular in garage sales. According to Mashable.com, the wonderful bath products you received in your stocking are the least likely to resell. Clearing out space in your bathroom for the new products is easy by tossing expired ones.

Reader’s Digest says the same goes in the kitchen. Those non-stick pots and pans are warned against in buying secondhand because of the coating. It’s safer to discard of these to create space for the new cookware.

Bedrooms and Closets

It is found that parents spend the most on their kids at Christmas, so it’s time to clear out the broken and heavily used toys in their bedrooms.

Also, the Huffington Post reported the average American throws out 65 lbs. of clothing each year. This is mainly due to ripped clothing, undergarments and worn out shoes not reselling well. One of your biggest space makers can be your closet when you go through your clothing. And don’t forget the linen closet! It’s a great time to get rid of old towels and bedding.

Garage and Attic

Storage space can fill up fast. Before stowing away the holiday decorations, go through all and dispose of items no longer working, like lighting strands. Have a deer that used to light up but can’t fit in your trash? Add that too!

Other items that are mentioned not to buy at garage sales, are certain items for infants. The car seat that you have stored in your attic or garage could be considered unsafe by today’s standards and you would do best by disposing of it with Bin There Dump That.

Let the specialists in bulky and difficult disposal items help you begin the year with a productive room by room clean out. We thank you for your business and look forward to anther year of tackling projects together!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Contractor Friendly Dumpsters

As a contractor, are you tired of constantly waiting for your dumpster to arrive so that you can start the project? Frustrated when you receive a dumpster that is old, rusty and a real eyesore? 

Do you need to receive your dumpster within 24 hours of ordering? Do you need a company that will deliver, pick up, and swap out on time as promised? A company with courteous uniformed Delivery Experts that will take the time to sweep the area after the dumpster has been removed?

Do you need a dumpster company that cares as much about your client's property as you do? Someone who will always protect the surface the dumpster will be placed on 100% of the time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Bin There Dump That is the dumpster company for you!

We understand your time is valuable. You, nor your client, have days to wait on a dumpster. We guarantee your dumpster will be delivered as scheduled. We also guarantee it will be picked up at the time agreed upon.  Not only do we want to help you look good for your clients, we want to look good for you! You are our first priority!

Our 4 convenient sizes are great for all kinds of projects.  Whether you're a landscaper, roofer, remodeler, or general contractor, we have the bin right for you! 

For more information check out our website or call give our office a call at 978-582-1176.  One of our friendly Dumpster Consultants will be happy to answer your questions, or schedule any needed services.  If your not convinced, check out a few of our reviews!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

What Size Bin Do I Need For My Project?

They say size matters.  And we agree! At least when it comes to the size of the Bin There Dump That dumpster rental needed to help you complete your next project.  Bin sizes are measured in cubic yards.  Whether you're doing a small clean up, or a major renovation, there is a bin for your job.  The various sizes include 4, 10, 15, and 20 yards.
And remember, with a Bin There Dump That rental you are not only provided with a clean, well maintained, extremely functional, residential friendly bin, but the peace of mind that your property won't be damaged thanks to our property protection guarantee. Our skilled operators place protective boards under every bin to ensure that your driveway is safe from any gouges or marks. We also sweep up once the job is done!

The only real challenge is to decide what size bin to get.  Here is some help:

4 Yard Bin

Small Projects For A 4 Yard Bin

The 4 yard bin is the perfect fit for small jobs such as clearing out last year's failed garden, leftover construction debris, or a small renovation. If a yard clean up is on your to-do list, this bin should be too!

10 Yard Bin 
Medium Projects For 10 & 15 Yard Bins 
The 10 yard bin is probably the most commonly requested bin. It can serve almost any household job (except perhaps a major renovation).  If you're clearing out a garage, or a basement, remodeling a small bathroom, removing some decking, or even getting a new roof, a mid-sized dumpster is likely a good fit for your project.

Large Projects For 15 & 20 Yard Bins 
Do you have a project that means business? Well we have the bin for you.  If you're adding an addition to your home, or clearing out grandma's attic, our larger bins might be the right fit for you. Or now that the kids are out of the house, and you're ready to downsize, it might be the perfect time to finally sort through those decades of toys, furniture, and other stuff you may no longer need.
15 Yard Bin
20 Yard Bin

Still Not Sure What You Need?
If you're still not sure and need help deciding what size bin you need, give us a call at Bin There Dump That, and we will gladly take the time to understand what your project's needs are so you can best accomplish your task at hand.

Julie & Mike Paradise 
Local Owners 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The statistics of clutter


Household Clutter's Effects On Your Home Life    
We can all agree how frustrating this is....
Winter comes and you've worked hard your entire life to afford a two-car garage in which you can park the cars in said garage during the winter but the garage is filled with household clutter. In fact, if this adequately describes your current situation, you'd be part of the 25% of Americans who cannot park their cars in their two-car garage because it's filled with clutter. 

We can promise you that in this info-graphic you'll discover household clutter statistics that will make you think about the items you'll keep around the house. Going forward you'll be more likely to do yearly household de-cluttering, perhaps with a Bin There Dump That dumpster

Check out the infographic below to discover how less clutter in your house can lead to paying your bills on time, eliminating the need for costly storage units and eliminate a significant percentage of your routine household chores. 

So, I bet you are more inclined to declutter now, right? Leave a comment on which stat had the greatest impact on you and your strategy to combatting clutter going forward. 

Mind Blowing Household Clutter Stats Infographic

Household Clutter Statistics Infographic