Tuesday, September 15, 2020

4 Reasons to Share Your Dumpster Rental with Neighbors

Sharing a dumpster can be a great way to meet the people around you, whether it's just your next-door neighbor or the entire street.
There are several times renting a dumpster to share can be useful. For example, you can all use the dumpster for a spring cleaning day. Enjoy the warmer temperatures by throwing out old clothes, furniture and other junk.
You can even use your roll-off dumpster rental for a neighborhood landscape renovation whether you're trimming bushes, pulling dead trees or cleaning up trash, you can put all of those items in the dumpster.
If there's a bad storm that knocks down limbs and other debris, you could also share a dumpster to collect the fallen branches.
To make the process easy for everyone, find a convenient spot to put the dumpster, such as your driveway or yard. Your neighbors can also use their trucks and cars to carry heavier items to the dumpster.
Once you all finish using the dumpster, do something to relax, like have a community grill out. Each family can bring food and drinks - which you'll definitely need after a long day of work.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Renovating During COVID-19: Mistakes to Avoid

 Renovating During COVID-19: Mistakes to Avoid

Being at home all day has made many homeowners discover faults in their houses and they are now thinking about renovating. But is it a good idea to renovate during COVID-19? Well, the idea sounds good if you consider these 5 benefits:

  • You have plenty of free time that you can use to search for design ideas online, be it for your living room, home office, bedroom, kitchen, or the dining area.
  • With or without coronavirus, the months of April through June are the most favorable for outdoor renovations.
  • Dumpster rentals have been a great option for waste disposal solutions during these times as they are considered an essential business. You may not be able to renovate but you're always able to improve!
  • COVID-19 has precipitated a low season for many designers, consultants, and builders, so they are offering massive discounts for all building or renovation projects.
  • Several banks around the world have significantly cut official interest rates as a way of stimulating the economy during and after coronavirus. Borrowing costs might never get more affordable than they are right now.

Construction workers, including plumbers, handymen, and electricians in most states and countries are categorized as essential service providers during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, some construction projects are categorized as non-essential and cannot be approved at this time. You need to confirm whether your planned renovation is essential before spending any money on it. If you get the green light to renovate, try to avoid these 5 costly mistakes:

1. Ignoring Safe Social Distancing Practices

The biggest mistake you can make at the moment is to invite COVID-19 into your household through construction workers. Anyone who comes to your home from outside is a potential positive case that must be avoided by everyone self-isolated or quarantined in the home. Ensure that the following social distancing practices are adhered to throughout the renovation process:

  • Only allow the least possible number of workers on the site at any given time. If one worker can do the job, you shouldn’t allow them to bring the company. If they must be 2 or more, ensure that they work with two-meter distance between them.
  • Only allow workers who come by car or van. If a worker can only use public means, maybe it is best to postpone the renovation.
  • If a worker has any COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how mild, ask them to go home and quarantine for 14 days.
  • Don’t allow the workers to come into any form of contact with your family (or anyone who lives with you). Request the workers to minimize their contact with surfaces around the home, apart from the ones they will be working on.
  • Anyone accessing your property should wash their hands at the gate. In fact, you should not shake hands with any of them.

washing hands to practice good hygiene during covid-19

2. Hiring Builders Without Public Liability Insurance

The constructors you hire need to have valid Public Liability insurance, which you need to include in the terms and conditions of the contract you sign with them. Allowing builders to start your project without such cover is a big risk to take, especially during a pandemic.

3. Ordering Construction Materials in the Last Minute

Most supply chains have collapsed, so you need to consider the possibility of stock shortages in your nearest stores. Not all hardware items will be on shelves a week from now. Your city can even be placed on total or partial lock-down any day. Anything can happen during these certain times, so you need to do what you need to do when you get the chance. Don’t procrastinate.

4. Avoid Undertaking Any Major Work Yourself

Unless it is a minor painting or decorating project, please leave it to qualified and accredited individuals. Don’t assume that because you are idle at home, it is okay to make minor structural alterations or electricity installations. Note that there are Building Regulations to be satisfied for the building to be approved for resale. Hire a siding contractor for your planned home remodeling, no matter how many DIY videos you have watched online. You still aren’t a professional.

5. Investing in Expensive Renovations

The global economy is deteriorating by the day which means jobs could be compromised if things don’t turn for the better. It is unwise to withdraw a substantial portion of your savings or to take an unreasonably huge home equity loan before you are sure that your financial future is guaranteed.


The safety and health of everyone involved with your project should come first in every renovation decision you make. Also, whatever happens during the renovation, ensure that the builders and your family members are kept in the loop. Be honest and clear in all your communications.

Do Dumpster Rentals Have Weight Limits?

When it comes to clearing out the junk from your life, you might wonder if there is a limit to how much you can dump into a dumpster. The answer is: it depends on where you're renting a dumpster.
So the question is, "If I load a dumpster with very heavy materials, will it cost me more?" It's a simple question, but the answer is a bit more challenging - not one-size-fits-all, so to speak.
There is some flexibility in the pricing structure for each franchise operator, and a number of factors go into the final price customers pay for the dumpster they order. Among the factors that might be considered are the size of the dumpster and possibly the weight of the filled dumpster.
It should be noted: Whoever you rent your dumpster from should discuss all fees up front. At Bin There Dump That, there are no hidden fees.
Because franchise operators have different pricing structures, we recommend every customer spend some time asking questions. Some franchise operators use "all in" fees while others use "bin plus weight" to set the costs. It's in the best interests of the customer to clarify that pricing structure.
If there is a weight limit, tell your franchise operator the type of project you plan to use the dumpster for and the materials you will be placing in the dumpster. With that information, they can advise you on the dumpster size you're likely to need and the expected weight of your project's contents... For a frame of reference, dumpster contents from a home renovation or remodel projects typically weigh about 1 ton.
Give our friendly and knowledgeable Dumpster Consultants a call today to learn more about our services and what will be the best fit for your project! 978-582-1176

Friday, July 10, 2020

Bagster VS Dumpster Rental

Paper or plastic? Dogs or cats? The correct answers depend on what you need, want or prefer. Similarly, dumpsters and the Bagster also have their own sets of pros and cons. So before you use one or the other, make sure to do your homework to see which one is best for you and your project.
Here are five things to consider when it comes to choosing between WM Bagster  (Waste Management) vs. dumpster rental from a local provider like Bin There Dump That.

Container Size And Materials Accepted
The main determining factor for you might be what you can fit in the dumpster or WM Bagster.
Dumpsters come in a variety of sizes from 4- to 40-yard bins and hold both small and large items, including boxes, furniture, landscape and home renovation materials, appliances, clothes, trash and clutter. You can talk with the dumpster operator to see which size they would recommend for your project.
The WM Bagster is designed to handle smaller jobs like garage, attic or yard cleanouts and is 2 1/2 feet high, 4 feet wide and 8 feet long. It has a 3-cubic-yard capacity and can hold up to 3,300 pounds of debris or waste. The WM Bagster is only available in one size.
They both do not accept hazardous materials.


While both can help you clear your home of clutter and unwanted items, they have different levels of durability.
The WM Bagster is a tarp-like material with handles. When you put items in the bag, you'll need to start filling it at the edges to help the bag keep its rectangular shape. You should also lay items down flat and not pile debris above the edges.
A dumpster is heavy-duty, allowing you to throw or carry items into the bin. So there's no need to lay items flat, as the dumpster is a hard metal and won't lose its shape.


consider the accessibility of the dumpster at drop-off and pick-up when comparing the bagster vs. dumpster rentalYou can put dumpsters and the WM Bagster on your driveway or yard (with some exceptions). If you want to put them on the street, you'll need to check with the city and ask about local regulations.
You can have the dumpster operator leave the rental in a convenient location on your property. Just avoid putting it on sloped surfaces, a neighbor's yard or soft ground. The operator will put boards under the bin to keep it from damaging your yard or driveway.
Since the WM Bagster is picked up by a crane on the Waste Management truck, there are some placement requirements. The bag must be 5 feet away from structures or vehicles, have at least 18 feet of vertical clearance and be clear of overhead wires, trees or structures. You should also avoid putting it on sloped surfaces.

Turnaround Time

Another difference between the two disposal methods is the pickup schedule.
With a dumpster rental, you can schedule an exact date and time for the operator to pick up the bin. You don't have to be home when they come.
Waste Management will pick the WM Bagster up within three business days from when you call to schedule the pickup. Their collections are made Monday to Friday from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Bottom Line

BTDT Dumpster filledYou need to know what your project will require — from the amount of material you'll have to how quickly you want it picked up — before deciding between the WM Bagster vs. dumpster rental.
If you don't have much to throw out and you plan to work on the project for an extended or an unknown amount of time, the WM Bagster might be the best choice since the price is the same no matter how long you keep it (you pay for the Bagster and then for its pickup).
On the other hand, if you have a lot of items to dispose of and want a set pickup date, you'll need a dumpster to hold all of the materials. You also won't have to worry about not being able to fit all of your items in the bin if you end up with more than first expected.

What Size Dumpster Rental Do I Need?

Whether you’re doing a small clean up or a major renovation, there is a bin for your job. But how will you know what size do you need?
It helps to know what’s available. We carry a 4, 10, 15, and 20 yard sizes. We restrict our dumpsters to these sizes in order to maintain our residential-friendly mantra. We want the bins to have the footprint of a minivan on your driveway and we want to deliver these containers using a smaller truck than the typical tri-axle vehicles that provide dumpster rentals.
For a detailed description of each bin and what might go into a bin see our Pricing & Sizes page.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Waste Disposal Methods And Your Needs

When it comes to the waste disposal task of your home project you have several options to get rid of the trash and construction debris. However, which is the best for your needs?

waste disposal methods and your needs

Let's look at the specifics of your waste disposal needs and the options you have. There'll be several considerations at play that will ultimately sway your decision towards one best method. 

Your Home Waste Disposal Options

Once you understand the methods you have to address the waste removal of your home project then you can weigh those methods against your wants and needs. Your options are limited to
  • Renting a waste disposal bin
  • Hiring a junk removal company
  • Hauling the trash and debris to the local waste management facility or transfer station in your own vehicle
How do these options factor into your needs? 

How do You Want to Get Rid of Your Trash?

Each of these waste disposal methods will be preferred depending on your needs. For instance, if money is your ultimate deciding factor, then you'll have no problem loading the trash into the back of your SUV or borrowing the neighbour's pickup truck to take the debris to the local waste management facility. It's not an ideal way to spend a weekend, running to and from the landfill but it's certainly the least expensive method. 
However, if you prefer to save your weekend then you'll inevitably decide on one of the other two methods.

Why You'd Hire a Junk Removal Company

If you want the project to be completely hands-off and avoid any manual labor then you're best bet is junk removal. The company you hire will come into your home and simply remove the junk you indicate needs to be removed. This is a great option if you are removing just a couple bulky items like a piano or a few pieces of furniture. These types of removals will be cost-effective. When it comes to construction debris from a renovation project, junk removal may be costly and a waste disposal bin may be the better fit. 
If you're thinking junk removal is your best method then give yourself some time to schedule your appointment. If you need to address your trash removal project immediately with a short turnaround, junk removal isn't the best option

Why You'd Rent a Waste Disposal Bin

bin there dump that waste disposal bin

Some bin rental companies, like Bin There Dump That can help you address your waste removal within 24 hours of ordering or even that very day! Many Bin There Dump That franchise locations provide same-day service with their bin service.
If you have a lot of trash and debris to dispose then you'll find renting a dumpster is the most cost and time effective method as you can save your time and money in your wallet. 
Renting a dumpster can and should be very simple experience and as easy as this: 
  1. You call to reserve your bin delivery with the local Dumpster Consultant
  2. The Dumpster Delivery Experts drops the bin on your driveway (of course utilizing the Driveway Protection System)
  3. You fill it up
  4. Call the Dumpster Consultant back to pick the dumpster up
  5. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Yes, your methods of waste disposal are limited but each of the three options provided will suit different wants and needs of homeowners and contractors. Considerations of investments (both time and money), immediacy and labour will sway you to one method or the other. 
If we're lucky enough to have you choose renting a bin as your favorite method then you can book your dumpster below. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Unexpected Dumpster Rental Costs

Buyer beware!!! Read the fine print... Hidden fees...
Even the most savvy shoppers sometimes get caught by unexpected charges on their bill.
There’s nothing wrong with a company making a profit — that’s what they’re in business for. We don’t think anyone would (or could) dispute that. The question becomes how businesses go about turning that profit.
Have you ever listened to a commercial on the radio and then at the end a guy comes on and reads a disclaimer, which in the last three seconds has more words in it than the rest of the commercial did in the first 27 seconds? What is it they’re trying to hide? It’s the same concept that turns a $129 hotel room into one that really costs $159 a night.
Many companies hide charges from their customers springing fees on them after the fact. Companies might push them off as the “cost of doing business,” which while technically true, creates ill will with customers.
Bin There Dump That has no hidden fees. Though our franchise operators do charge some of the dumpster rental fees described below, they are communicated ahead of time.
Here are six dumpster rental costs customers might not expect — but will definitely know about before they begin their dumpster rental.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

6 Simple DIY Strategies to Enhance the Look of Your Kitchen

Your kitchen likely is one area in your home where you do spend a tremendous amount of your time. If you are also like many people, when you have guests in your home, odds are strong that you congregate in your kitchen to a significant degree.
Because of the extensive use of your kitchen, you may be at a juncture at which you want to give it something of a fresh look. You may want to accomplish such an objective without spending a great deal of time in the process. There are six easy, affordable tactics that you can employ that will improve the look of your kitchen.

Change or Add Lighting

An easy step you can take to enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen is to change or add lighting to the space. Many people are intimidated by taking on the task of changing out overhead kitchen lighting. The reality is that this isn't a particularly hard task.
You can purchase overhead kitchen lighting from an array of different outlets, in the real world and online. Generally speaking, the actual task of undertaking the replacement of an overhead light is not particularly challenging. There is a myriad of resources available to aid in a do-it-yourself overhead lighting replacement project in a kitchen.
You might also want to consider adding lighting to your kitchen as a means of upping the appearance of the space. One way you might want to consider using illumination to improve the look of a kitchen is through the installation of lighting under cabinets. This tends to add a warm glow to a kitchen, in many ways altering the overall appearance of the space.

Add a Rug

Only rarely is a kitchen not designed with some type of hard flooring. This can include everything from wood to tile to other types of materials. Odds are that a considerable amount of money was spent on placing the kitchen flooring in the first instance. With that understood, you don't have to spend an inordinate amount of money to enhance the look of your kitchen by altering the flooring.
A very simple tactic that you can utilize to enhance the look of your kitchen is by adding something as simple as a rug or two to the space. For example, if you maintain a dining table and companion chairs in your kitchen, the placement of a rug under the set can add a great deal to the space.

Replace the Kitchen Sink Faucet

When many individuals contemplate improving the appearance of their kitchens, they immediately default to the idea of replacing the sink. Of course, a new sink can truly change the overall look and feel of a kitchen. However, you do not need to go the extreme of replacing the kitchen sink to obtain that objective.

If you want a simple way to enhance the appearance of your kitchen, and want to improve the appearance of your sink, consider replacing the faucet. Generally speaking, the addition of a new faucet to a kitchen sink is a relatively easy do-it-yourself project. In addition, there is a broad selection of faucets available on the market today, in a wide range of prices. You will be able to find a replacement faucet well within your budget.

Update Cabinet Hardware

In addition to defaulting to replacing the kitchen sink, oftentimes a homeowner will nearly immediately proclaim that the cabinets need to be replace to really improve the appearance of a kitchen. The reality is that you don't need to go to that extreme to improve the appearance of cabinets as part of a strategy of enhancing the look of a kitchen.
You can change the total look of kitchen cabinets by replacing the hardware associated with them. Different handles on your kitchen cabinets very well may make it look like you've installed new ones and spent a tidy amount of money doing so. In fact, you can spend very little updating the hardware on your cabinets. In addition, this is one of the easiest kitchen do-it-yourself projects imaginable and one that nearly anyone can do with no real experience.

Repaint or Re-stain Cabinets

Speaking of the cabinets, another relatively easy and inexpensive step you can take to improve your kitchen is to repaint of re-stain the cabinets. There is no doubt that tweaking the cabinets in this manner will have a major impact on the appearance of your kitchen. Indeed, taking steps to both replace the hardware and repaint or re-stain the cabinets is rather like changing them out all together.

Replace Switch Plates

Throughout this discussion, some very easy changes have been suggested to improve or enhance the look and feel of your kitchen. Yet another very simple and truly inexpensive alteration is to replace the switch plates in your kitchen. You literally need only a screwdriver to accomplish this task. Rather than purchase new switch plates, which are not expensive, you can paint the ones you currently have in place.
By employing some or all of these suggestions as do-it-yourself projects, you can change the look of your kitchen in no time at all. As mentioned previously, there are a considerable number of resources available to assist you with learning how to undertake any one of these projects. There are also resources that can aid in making sure you properly address any do-it-yourself or construction safety considerations associated with a particular kitchen improvement endeavor.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

7 Incredible Tips For Downsizing

Everything that you’ve accumulated over the years; everything that holds dear to your heart; everything that takes up space in your home will now have to find a new home either with you or without.

You’re obviously here because you need to downsize and you have too much stuff but you just don’t know where to begin. This is not a preparation to downsize, this is what you should do when you’re already doing it. Be sure to take some notes because these are awesome tips for a successful downsize.

Take the small stuff
Yes, take the small stuff with you! The stuff that you use every day. A good example of small items that come with you is cutlery. Your knives, forks and spoons are sacred to living and especially, eating. Of course, the little things that take too much room should go - like the landline that nobody uses anymore or the fruit bowl being occupied with mail. Go through this slowly and see what’s actually needed versus what you can let go.

Get rid of the big stuff
Believe it or not, this takes the most space. Your three-bedroom house is now going to be a two-bedroom house. Why on heaven and earth would you need a third bed and where would you even put it? Save yourself a couple bucks on not hauling that third bed into your smaller place. The bigger stuff you get rid of, the more money you save on the actual big move.

Follow the one-year rule
This is one of the most important rules when it comes to small household items or clutter around the house that you can’t get rid of. The rule states that if you haven’t used it in a year then get rid of it. The idea is that if you haven’t used it by now then you’re probably never going to use it. Be ruthless with yourself.

Go paperless
Well this doesn’t mean that bill you get in the mail, this means everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything. Physical items are a thing of the past unless they’re decoration. A phone bill? Get it online or scan it into a PDF. A CD? Burn it onto your laptop or computer. Photos? Don’t print them unless they’re an aesthetic. A cassette tape? Who even uses those anymore? Go paperless.

Bring in extra bodies
If de-cluttering really isn’t your thing then I have to say that hiring a professional downsizer would be very beneficial. They won’t be as attached to your items and they offer a very realistic view of your items. They’ll let you know what you need and what you don’t. Don’t worry, they’ll take care of your stuff, they know it’s important to you but they also know that living comfortably in a new space is also very important.

Donate, Sell, Toss
Make sure that everything that’s in good condition is still going to be used. If you think it can’t be sold then donate it so another family or person will get some use out of it. If it’s sell-able, then guess what? You’ll be able to make a couple bucks to soothe the pain of losing some items. If they’re not in good condition, and it hasn’t been in a long time then toss it. Toss it into a dumpster so it will be the least of your worries.

Rent A Dumpster
It’s so helpful to have. You may not think it but if you have a dumpster for a full week - you won’t realize how much you want to get rid of just so you can fill that baby up. And what’s great is that you won’t even need to worry about it after it’s in the dumpster. After it’s in, it’s smooth sailing from there.
We all know it can be a stressful time and it’s one of the times where nothing ever goes to plan but when it does, it feels like a great accomplishment. I just want to mention that it can be a wonderful time if you know what you’re getting yourself into. Prepare yourself - Therefore you come into this with a knowledgeable mind and body ready to downsize.