Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Moving this Spring, and need a dumpster?

Moving to or from North Central MA in the near future?   Have you thought of renting a dumpster? When moving you may need a dumpster more than you think!

We often deliver dumpsters where there is a moving truck on one side of the driveway and a dumpster on the other!  Why take items you don’t want?  Moving is a perfect time to get rid of junk and old items you haven’t used in years.

While packing up items for the move, decide if you will need them in the new house.  Ask yourself the question, have I used this particular item lately?  Does the item still work?  Where will we place the item in the new house?
These home owners chose a 15-yard dumpster for their move.
Perhaps you're downsizing and don’t have room in the new house?  Renting a dumpster while moving in this scenario makes perfect sense!  Take the items you need and will use, and utilize the dumpster to get rid of the clutter!

Customers who are in the process of moving call us all the time, . Perhaps it’s across town or across country.  Oftentimes they don’t realize how much junk they have accumulated in their house over the years and only have so much room in their moving truck!  A dumpster rental could ease your burden and decision making, allowing you to take the items you need, and not the junk you don’t!

So if a move is in your future compose a pre-move checklist: decide what you will take, what you can donate to friends and family and what items are junk, and need to be disposed of!  Choose your dumpster size depending on the amount and size of items your disposing of.  In the end you will be much happier when moving into your new home, and renting a dumpster will help de-clutter your move!   

When you're ready to make the move and start a new chapter in your life give us a call at 978.582.1176 and we will be more than happy to help you remove the unwanted items and junk!


  1. I had never thought of using a dumpster for moving before. That's actually a great idea! We're moving in the next few months and I think it's going to be a tough one. I want to throw away as much as possible before we move so we don't have to deal with taking a bunch of stuff across the country.

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