Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dumpster Rental Do's and Don'ts

Thinking about renting a dumpster but don't know where to start?  We can help! The process to rent a bin is actually quite simple.  The basics are:

  • Call your local bin rental company
  • Tell the nice person on the phone what you are going to put into the dumpster
  • Discuss dumpster sizes and choose the best one for your project
  • Schedule the delivery and pickup around your schedule
  • The bin is delivered and placed on the spot most convenient for you
  • Your property is protected by the Bin There Dump That driver
  • You fill the bin
  • We pick it up and sweep the area
That's it!

You can put anything into the bin except hazardous waste or liquids.  There are a few items that have recycling costs, but that you can put into the dumpster and we will recycle for you.  A list of these items is provided at the time of  the bin rental.

What Not To Do

There is a sign on every bin that reads LEVEL LOAD ONLY.  Although it sounds like you should evenly distribute the weight of materials in the bin, which you should try to do, it actually means that you should not overload the bin above the top.  Every bin has to be tarped and driven down the road, and regulations require that nothing protrudes above the top of the dumpster. 

Here is an example of What Not To Do:

Can you name any other examples of What Not To Do?    Your suggestions could end up as the subject of my next blog!

Bin There Dump That, delivering the friendly to a neighborhood near you.

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  1. Spring is coming up and I've been working on deep cleaning our storage. I definitely think that ordering a dumpster is in order. It seems like a simple enough process, so hopefully we can get this done soon! Thanks for this information!